Cauvery Reopens

Gates of Sree Cauvery reopen to welcome back their students

Returning to school is always an exciting time for children.  The New Year 2021 started with welcoming our students back to school. The reopening da, 1st Jan 2021, was full of emotions, not only for students but also for teachers. Students have been looking forward to meet their friends and teachers in person for the past 7 months.  Our teachers were also eager to connect back with the students in the classroom environment.

The day started with a warm welcome to students at the well-decorated gate of the school. Children were welcomed by the heads of the school and teachers in the assembly. The Head Boy and Head Girl were honoured on behalf of all the students by the Administrative Officer.

We wish our dear students all the best for their successful completion of the academic year!

February 13, 2021