School Fees

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Fees payment :

  • The tuition fee is charged for a period of 12 months.
  • Students attending classes for a part or a term must pay the tuition fee for the whole term.
  • All fees must be paid by the specified month indicated at the admin office. Fees are payable half yearly or if preferred in whole in June.
  • If there is a delay of payment beyond the specified month, a student is liable to pay Rs 5/- per day as a fine.
  • Students have no right to sit for an examination until all dues are cleared.
  • All payments are to be made directly at the cash counter at the specified bank.
  • On no account will a Transfer Certificate be given to a student whose fees have not been fully paid.
  • Fees or any other payment once made will not be refunded.
  • The Fee structure comprises of Tuition Fees, Computer fees and Smart class fees.

For further details contact school office on 25250894.

UPI Code for fees payment