Next Education

The learner must be joyously engaged for efficient learning digital classrooms play a vital role in enhancing teaching learning process.  For sound pedagogical reasons we have equipped our classrooms with interactive electronic boards LCD Projector and large screen display.  Technology integrated academic help both the faculty and the students.  The smart classrooms make abstract concept clear.



Activities for children have to be chosen carefully, as lot of their mental and intellectual growth depends on what they do during the formative years.

An exercise  that can work the brain and also stimulating the child’s intellectual development. It is imperative that parents choose the activities that their children do with great care.

Children these days are too engrossed in their computers or mobile  phones. They simply do not feel naturally inclined to play active games anymore. However, children should ideally have at least three to four physical activities per day to help them release their energy develop and grow better.

At first children enjoy the company of parents but as they begin to grow they will soon enjoy the company of other children.  Therefore ‘Jolly Kids’ is a fun based physical activities workshop conducted for kids. Here many activities like balancing the ball, Tennis, Ring Toss, Tunnel race, Flyer net, passing the ball and military training  each class is unique and conducted by trained professionals. The programs are safe and good for children to play.