Special Awards for Teachers

Despite the various challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has added to their teaching process, the teachers of Sree Cauvery have resolutely worked over the months to provide seamless education to our students.In order to recognise their contribution towards the sustenance of education during these challenging times, the following teachers were honoured on 11th December 2020 with certificates by the dignitaries of the Kodava Samaja and Kodava Samaja Education Council.

1 Mrs.Ruchi Sharma
2 Mrs.Ruhi Roy
3 Mrs.Rajeshwari T.S.
4 Mrs.Malathi S.
5 Mr.Murthy D.S.V.
6 Mrs.Rajarajeshwari S.
7 Mrs.Kavitha A.S.
8 Mrs.Soumya K.
9 Mrs.Priya G.Nair

December 21, 2020