72nd Republic Day

Sree Cauvery School celebrates the 72nd Republic Day

Each year, 26th January is a day on which every Indian heart fills up with patriotic fervour and immense love for motherland. There are many significant memories as it was this day when the Indian Tricolour was first unfurled in January 1930 at Lahore, by Pt Jawaharlal Nehru and the declaration of an independent Indian National Congress was made. 26th January, 1950 was the day when the Indian republic and its constitution came into force. It was this day in history in 1965 when Hindi was declared as the official language of India.

In his address to the Nation on the eve of 72nd Republic Day, our Honourable President, Shri Ram Nath Kovind expressed his thoughts in these beautiful words.

“The adversities of the previous year have only reminded us of what we have always known deep in our hearts – that care and concern for humanity and the feeling of fraternity is what kept us together for millennia. In every sphere, Indians rose to the occasion, and put others before themselves. We Indians live and die for humanity. This Indian ideal has been expressed by the great poet Maithili Sharan Gupt in these words:

 It is the benevolent whose glory lives on in songs eternal,

It is the generous whom the world reveres forever,

Whose spirit of oneness fills the boundless universe,

They truly are human who die for fellow beings.

 I am sure that this love for humanity and the spirit of sacrifice will take us to great heights.”

Students, staff and teachers of Sree Cauvery School gathered in the school premises to celebrate this auspicious day with great pride and enthusiasm. Considering the important role played by doctors during this pandemic, we had invited two of our alumni students who are doctors to grace this occasion – Dr Anjali Balachandran as our Chief Guest and Dr Neha M Rao as the Guest of Honour. A wall of pride was displayed showcasing some of our alumni students who are currently serving in the military.

The event began with the hoisting of the flag by the dignitaries followed by singing of the National Anthem and National Song by everyone. Dignitaries, Principal and Vice Principal addressed the gathering to motivate the students and staff about our duty towards our motherland. There were various performances by the students including the republic day speech , patriotic songs by the student choir and energetic dances by students.  The Academic Advisor and Administrative Officer had also graced the occasion with their presence and wonderful support.

We wrapped up the day with the sense of pride, patriotism and community spirit brimming in our hearts and minds.

Jai Hind!

February 13, 2021