The IT club was inaugurated on 30th June 2022. 25 students of standard IX were selected as members of the club.

The following students were selected for the below mentioned posts:

  1. President –     Trishna
  2. Secretary –     Arbaaz Khan
  3. Treasurer –      Sneha

All the club members were given the club badges Powerpoint presentation/ Videos were created by the students  on the topic ‘Impact of COVID-19 on human lives keeping in mind the IT perspective.

The videos were displayed in the auditorium and the following were awarded prizes:

  • Aaditya Sharma –     VIII A    –    I Prize
  • Spandana K –      VIII B    –   II Prize
  • Parameshwari –       IX B      –   III Prize

The program concluded with the vote of thanks.


August 17, 2022

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